Schedule of Speakers

***All speakers and speakers dates are subject to change in order to accommodate any unexpected schedule conflicts.***

Friday, 9/23/16 (all day event host at BU Castle)

Participant registration check-in (8am-8:30am)

Chair: Carole Dufouil (1st session)

Lenore Launer speaking on Overview and Recent Advances in the Epidemiology of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (8:30am-9:10am)

Stéphanie Debette speaking on Epidemiology and Genetics of Stroke (9:10am-9:50am)

Bernard Mazoyer speaking on Modern Brain Phenotyping in a Large Cohort Setting (9:50am-10:30am)

Coffee Break (10:30am-10:45am)

Chair: Stéphanie Debette (2nd session)

Ganesh Chauhan speaking on Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology: Heritability, GWAS, Transethnic GWAS (10:45am-11:25am)

Anita DeStefano speaking on RNA Sequencing (11:25am-12:05pm)

Lunch Break lunch is provided for ALL guest (12:05pm-1:05pm)

Chair: Carole Dufouil (3rd session)

Vasan Ramachandran speaking on Epidemiology in the 21st Century: New Directions in the Framingham Study (1:05pm-1:45pm)

Zdenka Pausova speaking on Sageunay Youth Study (1:45pm-2:25pm)

Coffee Break (2:25pm-2:40pm)

Chair: Stéphanie Debette (4th session)

Tomáš Paus speaking on Population Neuroscience of the Adolescent Brain (2:40pm-3:20pm)

Yoichiro Kamatani speaking on Japanese Cohorts and Biobanks (3:20pm-4pm)

Agustín Ruiz speaking on Fundacioace: Catalonian Community Based Memory Clinics and Biobank (4pm-4:40pm)

Deborah Blacker on How Cohort Studies Can Inform Prevention and Treatment Trials: the Alzheimer Prevention Initiative APOE-44 Trial (4:40pm-5:10pm) 

Group Picture at BU Castle (5:10 to 5:15pm)

Break -- free time (5:15pm-6pm)

Dinner provided for all guest except 1-day participants (6-8:30pm)

Saturday, 9/24/16 (Broad Institute) + Interactive Hands-on Sessions

Chair: Philip De Jager (1st session)

Philip De Jager speaking on Epigenetics: Inflammation and AD (8am-8:40am)

Myriam Fornage speaking on Genetics and Epigenetics of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease (8:40am-9:20am)

Josee Dupuis speaking on Gene by Environment Interaction Analyses (9:20am-10am)

Donna Chen interactive discussion on Ethical Challenges of Neurepiomics (10am-10:40am)

Coffee Break (10:40am-10:55am)

Chair: Qiong Yang (2nd session)

Bioinformatics and Genetics hands-on workshop (10:55am-2pm)

(Resources: Murali Sargurupremraj, Honghuang Lin, Chloé Sarnowki, Xueqiu Jian, Aniket Mishra)

Boxed lunches provided 

Sunday, 9/25/16 (Broad Institute) + Interactive Hands-on Sessions


Chair: Joshua Bis (1st session)           

Joshua Bis speaking on Epidemiology and Genetics of Carotid Atherosclerosis (8am-8:40am)

Kamran Ikram speaking on Retina: A Window on Cerebrovascular and Neurodegenerative Pathology in the Brain (8:40am-9:20am)

Carole Dufouil speaking on Epidemiology of Dementia; Methods (MELODEM) and Application (MEMENTO) (9:20am-10am)

Coffee Break (10am-10:15am)

Chair: Joshua Bis (2nd session)

Sudha Seshadri speaking on FHS Neurology and the Genetics of Alzheimer Disease and Cognitive Decline sharing with Claudia Satizabal (10:15am-11am) 

Kameshwar Prasad speaking on Challenges in Establishing Population Based Longitudinal Cohort Studies in Developing Countries (AIIMS) (11am-11:30am)

Chair: Jose Rafael Romero (3rd session)

Imaging and Cognitive Methods hands-on workshop: (11:30am-2:30pm)

(Resources: Hugo Aparicio, Matthew Pase, Pauline Maillard, Jose Rafael Romero, Susanne van Veluw)

Boxed lunches provided 

Break  -- free time (2:30pm-5pm)

Bradford Worrall discussion during dinner cruise* on Journal of Neurology (5pm-8:30pm)

*Dinner (provided for all guest except 1-day participants) MUST arrive between 5pm-5:30 pm to board boat located at 1 Long Warf, Boston, MA.

Monday, 9/26/16 (all day event host at Broad Institute)

Chair: Lenore Launer and Bernard Mazoyer (1st session)

Albert Hofman speaking on Principles of Establishing a Successful Longitudinal Cohort Study: Perspectives from Rotterdam (8am-8:40am)

Paul Thompson speaking on MRI Derived Insights into Neuropsychiatric Disorders: the ENIGMA Consortium (8:40am-9:20am)

Keith Johnson speaking on PET Imaging in a Population Setting: Amyloid and Tau (9:20am-10am)

Coffee Break (10am-10:15am)

Chair: Lenore Launer and Bernard Mazoyer (2nd session)

M. Arfan Ikram speaking on Novel Methods for Analyzing Multi-site High-dimensional Data (10:15am-10:55am)

Steven M. Greenberg speaking on Epidemiology, Imaging, Genetics of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (10:55am-11:35am)

Lunch Break -- lunch is provided for ALL guest (11:35am-12:35pm)

Chair: Myriam Fornage (3rd session)

Manolis Kellis speaking on Integration of Genetic, Epigenetic, and Transcrciptional Variation in Alzheimer’s Disease (12:35pm-1:15pm)

Natalia Rost speaking on Integrating Clinical and Epidemiological Imaging Datasets for Genomic Discovery (1:15pm-1:55pm)​

Coffee Break (1:55pm-2:10pm)

Chair: Myriam Fornage and M. Arfan Ikram (4th session)

Cornelia Van Duijn speaking on Metabolomics and Organ On A Chip: CoSTREAM and related projects (2:10pm-2:50pm)

Daniel Chasman speaking on Vascular pharmacogenetics: Discovery of Effects and Potential for Translation (2:50pm-3:30pm)

Neurepiomics Scholarship Award Presentation (3:30pm to 4pm)


Group Photo (4:15pm)

Event Ends (4:30pm)

***All speakers and dates are subject to change in order to accommodate any unexpected schedule conflicts.***